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New Landscape, New Challenges, New Opportunities 

As a result of Covid-19 the landscape for business has changed, video and telephone calls are replacing face to face sales meetings.

That’s because both companies and customers alike are seeing the opportunities and efficiencies they can bring to their working day and to their bottom line.

The trouble is that some of your team may be slower in adjusting, just when you need them to hit the ground running. This could be for a variety of reasons:

  • They may feel out of their depth in managing and leading sales conversations online
  • They may not have the skills to manage the difficult conversations that could arise with customers.
  • They may feel uncomfortable selling right now
  • They may have anxiety around using technology

Not only could these issues be affecting your bottom line but left unaddressed they could result in stress, wellbeing and attendance problems too.

 That’s where this training comes in.

Successfully Navigating Sales Conversations Online

We created this three-part video training series and accompanying workbook. to help sales professionals’ transition smoothly back to work and start back strong.

 This training will give your sales teams:

  • Mindset tips and motivation so that they don’t shy away from opportunities to sell.
  • Practical tips and resources to overcome anxiety and get them comfortable using technology.
  • A deeper understanding of how the change may have affected their customers, and how to handle the difficult conversations that could happen as a result.
  • Conversation prompts to generate sales opportunities.
  • Guidance and tips around how to lead and manage sales conversations online, so that they can avoid the pitfalls and generate more orders.

 The other great thing is that since it’s a digital product you’ll be able to get instant access for you and your teams after you buy.

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About Us:

At Intelligent Dialogue we’ve been helping clients grow their bottom line through better sales and service conversations for over 25 years.

We design and deliver face to face and online training and development programmes that get exceptional levels of buy in and real results for our clients. 

We're proud to have worked with the sales and service teams of some of the biggest names in manufacturing and distribution, plant hire and engineering.

We’ve been continuing to work with clients online throughout lockdown and this has given us great insight into the issues that have been arising for people and how to tackle them.

We combined this with all the best practice, knowledge and experience we’ve gathered over the past three decades to make this training as valuable and actionable as possible for you and your teams.

So How Much Does It Cost?

We know that almost all businesses have been struggling to maintain sales during this time and that’s why it’s going to be so critical to hit the ground running when the country begins to open up.

We didn’t want price to be a showstopper in getting this training into your hands when you need it most and that’s why you can get ‘Successfully Navigating Sales Conversations Online’ for just £49 + VAT per team member.

Group Purchases

If you would like to train your sales team, you have two options.

  • You can use the buy now button below, choose the number of people you would like to train, and we will be in touch to set up their access to the training.
  • If you prefer to receive an invoice for payment centrally, then please get in touch on 0845 450 0988 and we can help you with invoicing,  payment, and getting your team set up to access their online training. 
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“Intelligent Dialogue implicitly understands our needs”

L&D Manager BOC


“Intelligent Dialogue takes our business and our needs as seriously as we do!

Operations Director, LGH


“Rental Managers came back full of positivity. I haven't heard anyone say a bad word about the training, and one Rental Manager has calculated that he can generate an extra £40k a year in hire revenues. Sitting down with him, he has actually under calculated this, already extra revenue has been significant. Intelligent Dialogue really understand the hire market, and if you want to generate more business and improve service, I would contact Diane Banister.” 

Jeff Hudson, Managing Director, FLG Services


 “I was aware of Diane and her capabilities from a number of courses that I attended whilst an employee of a business that I worked for many years ago. Within my own businesses I had identified that I needed some bespoke tailored training predominantly on commercial and sales-based improvement. I had no hesitation but to contact Diane who I knew would have the answers. Along with her team she designed 2 completely separate courses to fit in with 2 separate businesses, each carrying out very different activities. Starting with an extensive research period in conjunction with the businesses senior management she then progressed on to running specific training for the company’s Directors so that they could support the staff before moving on to the actual workforce.

The results have been outstanding with real effect on both customer service, conversions and gross profit.”

Matt Ainscough, Group Managing Director, Ainscough Industrial Services


“At Longleat we have a strong commitment to guest service and ensuring that people who join us over our busier periods understand the importance of their role in the guest experience. As part of our induction / onboarding we wanted high impact training modules which were easy to deliver and roll out across all our employees, and which would stay with our employees long after the training had finished. Intelligent Dialogue have a developed set of customer service training materials, but we wanted something which was tailored to, and completely relevant to the unique experience here at Longleat.

I’m delighted to say they delivered. The materials reflect our guests’ expectations, they refer to and reinforce our values, they help our employees see the difference they make.

I would highly recommend Intelligent Dialogue for their focus and approach in bringing key messages to life, developing training which is high impact and yet easy to deliver.”

 Jenny Cook

HR Manager, Longleat

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Give Your Salespeople the Best Start Back Possible

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to give your salespeople a strong, positive return to work in this new landscape.