Sales People working from home

#sales Mar 27, 2020

Covid-19 is affecting us all globally.

As I write, we are in lock down and only able to go out for vital medicines. 

It has changed the way we are working, and sales people all over the world find themselves working from home.

Thousands of people are juggling child care, their business and getting their head around what this all means for them.

We’re helping our clients and their sales people think about what they can be doing while they are working from home and thought it might be useful to share some of this.

I’ve seen lots of blog posts about working from home, which say “get dressed in the morning”.  If that’s the sort of advice you need, don’t waste your time reading the rest of this, this is for people who are thinking about managing both the short and longer term.

So if you are in field sales or a business owner and you find yourself having to work from home, here’s our top five things to think about so that you can...

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